Column-Mounted Jib Cranes

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Schmalz' slewing cranes are very versatile in their use, and can be combined with a chain hoist, rope hoist, rope balancer or chain hoist with lifting device. When installing the crane on a column, the pivoting angle is 270°. The crane can be installed freestanding in the room.

For a weight of up to 1,000 kg, the Column Slewing Cranes use aluminium crane rails. This guarantees extreme responsiveness. Once a load of more than 1,000 kg is to be lifted, steel crane rails are used.


  • Workplace crane solution for ergonomic and efficient handling of loads
  • Available as a column-mounted or wall-mounted jib crane

Product Highlights

  • Optimally adjustable to the nominal lift capacity of the tube lifter or lifting device
  • Outstanding low-friction operation and low moving mass
  • High-quality wear-resistant components
  • Modern design with anodized surfaces
  • Speeds up working processes and enables high-precision positioning
  • Supports ergonomic operation while reducing strain on workers

Modular System

(1) Chain hoist

(2) Energy supply

  • Trailing cable or conductor line

(3) Motor protection switch

(4) Anchor-Ready base plate

  • Dimensions: 400 x 400 mm to 950 x 950 mm

(5) Coated steel crane column

  • Overall height: 5,250 mm
  • Lower edge of jib: max. 4,000 mm
  • Alternatively with console for wall mounting

(6) Aluminum pivot bearing

  • Column mounted jib crane swivel angle: 270°
  • Wall mounted jib crane swivel angle: 180°
  • Can be limited

(7) Aluminum jib

  • Length: 2,000 mm to 8,000 mm

Vacuum Lifting Devices

Vacuum lifting devices from Schmalz make it possible to make manual processes ergonomic. Our crane systems are the perfect addition to our vacuum lifting devices. Load capacities of the crane systems are based on the vacuum lifting devices.

Schmalz divides its product portfolio of vacuum lifting devices into vacuum tube lifters of the type Jumbo and vacuum lifting devices of the type VacuMaster. Schmalz can provide you with a complete workplace solution consisting of a crane system and a vacuum lifting device.

Vacuum Tube Lifters Jumbo

  • Move goods weighing up to 300 kg quickly and easily
  • Lifting unit, operating unit, suction pads and vacuum generator configurable
  • Lifting and lowering the load using vacuum

Vacuum Lifting Devices VacuMaster

  • Move heavy loads weghing up to several tons ergonomically and securely
  • Basic modules, operator handles, load beams and suction plates configurable
  • Lifting and lowering the load using a chain hoist