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Powerful and Robust - Schmalz Chain hoist SCH

  • Long lasting chain hoist with standard hoist limit switch for loads weighing up to 2,000 kg
  • Plug & play connector means the chain hoist arrives ready to use
  • Gear units are equipped with helical gearing, making them very responsive and quiet
  • The low control voltage of 42 V and the emergency stop function ensure extremely safe operation
  • CSA certified
  • Standard lifting height of 3,000 mm; can be changed upon request
  • Available with optional frequency control for smooth positioning

Overview of Highlights

Robust housing

  • High-quality pressure-cast aluminum housing
  • Optimal heat transmission thanks to molded cooling fins

Plug & play electrical connections

  • Plug & play connections for all power connections
  • Easy mounting without special tools
  • Encoding to prevent faulty connections

Ergonomic controls

  • Comes with strain relief for cables and emergency stop as standard
  • Available in different lengths and with two or four control buttons

Guided chain

  • No jamming thanks to two-part guide
  • Wear-resistant chain sprocket made from hardened steel

Double clutch

  • Optimal protection thanks to dual principle of operation
  • Easy to service
  • Precise and easily adjustable (special tool required)

Maintenance free brake

  • Maximum safety thanks to the brake being positioned behind the sliding clutch
  • Maintenance free, modern DC magnetic brake

Robust motor for extreme application conditions

  • Two-phase pole changing drive or with frequency inverter for infinitely variable speed control
  • Very smooth running thanks to helical gearing
  • Wear free thanks to permanent lubrication of the gearbox

Standard gear limit switch

  • Easy adjustment of the lifting height
  • High repeatability for exact positioning of the load

Technical Data

ModelLoad[kg]Lifting range [mm]Chain strandsHigh speed [m/min]Pecision lift [m/min]

Maximum Permissible Load According to the Engine Group

TypeChain strandsLifting speed
Lifting speed
1Bm / M31Am / M42m / M53m / M64m / M7
SCH-S18/2 m/min9.6/2.4 m/min-350 kg250 kg200 kg*-
SCH-M18/2 m/min9.6/2.4 m/min800 kg650 kg500 kg400 kg350 kg**
SCH-M24/1 m/min4.8/1.2 m/min-1,250 kg1,000 kg800 kg650 kg**
SCH-M-FU10.7-6.9 m/min----650 kg500 kg**
SCH-M-FU20.3-3.5 m/min----1,250 kg1,000 kg**
SCH-L18/2 m/min9.6/2.4 m/min1,600 kg1,250 kg1,000 kg800 kg650 kg***
SCH-L24/1 m/min9.6/2.4 m/min-2,500 kg2,000 kg1,600 kg1,250 kg***
SCH-L-FU10.7-6.9 m/min----1,250 kg1,000 kg****
SCH-L-FU20.3-3.5 m/min----2,500 kg2,000 kg****

*1-str: min. 80 kg
**1-str: min. 100 kg / 2-str: min. 200 kg
***1-str: min. 650 kg / 2-str: min. 1,250 kg
****1-str: min. 500 kg / 2-str: min. 1,000 kg