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In the "Vacuum knowledge" section, you can find detailed explanations about vacuum technology. Acquire comprehensive knowledge about how vacuum systems are designed for automated processes.

The various functions of vacuum lifting devices are also explained in detail. A selection aid helps you to decide between a vacuum lifting device VacuMaster and a vacuum tube lifter Jumbo.

Vacuum Knowledge

Vacuum Technology for Automation

Many factors are involved when designing and configuring a complete vacuum system. Vacuum suction cups are the link between the workpiece and the handling system. Therefore, selecting the right suction cup is vital. When selecting the right vacuum generator, power and efficiency are key. The knowledge section provides a detailed description of the most important aspects to be considered when designing the right vacuum system. This process is explained visually using a sample calculation.

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Vacuum Knowledge: The Vacuum System and its Components

Schmalz offers gripper systems that are ready for connection. The gripper systems are optimally designed based on the individual application. Schmalz offers large-area gripping systems, layer gripping systems and vacuum spiders.

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Vacuum Lifters and Crane Systems

Ergonomic vacuum lifters are able to handle workpieces effortlessly and gently. Learn more about the functions of vacuum lifters using the easy-to-understand images. The selection aid is intended to help you choose the right device for your application.

Selection aid

Vacuum lifter product range

Crane systems and jib cranes complete the vacuum lifter solution that has been tailored to your individual application.


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