Safe Vacuum Handling for Sensitive Electronic Components

Processes for the automated handling of delicate electronic components must be both fast and gentle on the products. Vacuum specialist Schmalz has developed the flow gripper SCG specially for such tasks. The gripper provides safe transport of plastic parts and printed circuit boards.

Schmalz Strömungsgreifer SCG zur Handhabung bestückter Leiterplatten.

The gripper generates a high flow rate for reliable and gentle handling. The vacuum is established extremely quickly, which allows for very short handling cycles. The SCG can reliably move workpieces even with low coverage of the suction area, for example if printed circuit boards contain openings or drill holes or have been assembled. Users also benefit from the low operating costs: The gripper delivers high performance with minimum air consumption. It has a suction rate of 590 liters per minute and operates at an operating pressure of between 1 and 5 bar.

The SCG can be flexibly integrated into existing production systems. It is designed to be ready to connect, is exceptionally compact with dimensions of 55 x 70 mm and has a built-in vacuum generator. This eliminates the need for additional hoses – and the gripper can be easily installed in either the lateral or axial position. The suction cup on the flow gripper is made from Perbunan nitrile rubber: This material is anti-static and dissipates potential electrical charges that could damage sensitive electronic components.


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