Vakuumtechnik für die Fertigung von Rotorblättern

Vacuum Technology for Rotor Blade Production

Rotor blade production requires safe, gentle and precise handling of preforms, pre-pregs, composites and finished rotor blades. Vacuum technology from Schmalz is used to gently demold components or transport them safely between processing stations.

Suction cups that are mounted on gimbals and spring-mounted allow the vacuum technology to be flexibly adapted to the shape of the components. Redundant systems, large vacuum reservoirs and additional mechanical safeguards provide maximum safety during handling of rotor blades that weigh several tons and are up to 85 meters long, as well as their components. Schmalz’ extensive range of suction cups offers the right solution for any application.

Requirements for Vacuum Technology

Demolding in observance of the demolding forces
Vacuum lifting devices VacuMaster for rotor blade production simplify various demolding and transport processes considerably. The lifting devices are equipped with multiple suction cups that grip the workpiece gently and securely.

Safety during handling of workpieces weighing several tons
The vacuum lifting device VacuMaster has one or two vacuum circuits, a large vacuum reservoir and an additional mechanical safeguard such as cloth retaining straps or mechanical safety clamps. This way, the lifting device ensures maximum process reliability, even when transporting rotor blades and their components. The lifting devices are also equipped with a visual and audible warning device.

Flexible adaptation to different shapes
The lifting device’s suction cups have a special sealing profile that optimally adapts to the workpiece surfaces. All suction cups can be switched on and off using manual slide valves. The suction cups are attached to a chain suspension, a rigid suspension with a linear trolley or linear drives for automatic height adjustment. This means that the lifting devices can both adapt to the shapes of lifted workpieces, and lift shapeless workpieces.


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Products for the Rotor Blade Production Sector

Root Lifting Device

Careful demolding of the root elements and ergonomic handling thanks to suction plates adapted to the root area.

Preform Lifting Device

True-to-contour handling of preform segments.

Main Beam

Handling of main girders, auxiliary girders, main webs and auxiliary webs with one lifting device.

Shear Web Positioning Device

Patented solution for aligning the webs in the shear web positioning device.

End Web Lifting Device

Careful and damage-free demolding of end webs.

Rotor Blade Lifting device

Careful and damage-free demolding of rotor blades.