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Logistics is one of the most stable growth sectors worldwide. Experts predict that this industry will continue to grow in the future. The ongoing commercial success of the logistics industry is due to factors such as ongoing globalization, increasing online sales, and, for airport logistics, the increasing number of airline passengers.

This variety of tasks means that the logistics industry presents a number of challenges for handling and vacuum technology: Goods with different dimensions and weights, as well as undefined positions, must be picked up individually or in layers. Some products are extremely permeable, while others can become deformed during handling, and their surfaces may be covered with packing tape or clamping straps. At the same time, businesses in the logistics industry are under extreme time pressure.

Schmalz develops customer-specific vacuum components, gripper and handling systems for a wide variety of applications in the logistics industry. These systems enable customers to boost their productivity, and enhance their workplace safety and ergonomics. Applications for Schmalz’ solutions include distribution centers, postal and airport logistics.

Vacuum Solutions in Logistics

Vacuum Technology in Use

Schlauchheber für Säcke

Vacuum tube lifter JumboFlex for quick handling of sacks in a logistics center

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Greifsystem für Dosen

Layer gripping system SPZ with combi foam for layerwise handling of cans

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Komponenten für Säcke

Schmalz SG sack suction cup for handling sacks

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Greifsystem für Produktlagen

Vacuum layer gripping system SPZ-M-C for handling layers of products

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Greifsystem für Kartons

Vacuum layer gripping system SPZ-M-C with diverse range of products for handling

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Greifsystem für Gläser

Vacuum layer gripping system SPZ for palletizing and depalletizing various product layers

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